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Concept & Technology of DEER

Royal Sangyo Co., Ltd. has the technological capability to develop all sorts of speakers from small type for smart phones to large type for theater use. They offer the best solution to make their customers be satisfied and provide the speakers with the best sound quality. Designing and development are conducted at Kofu Development Center. After diaphragms are manufactured at their headquarters factory, speakers go back to the Development Center to be finished. Mass production is conducted at the factory in China (subcontractor). Their thorough speaker production system is their strongest advantage and this is why they can reflect their customersí requests at a maximum and quick manner.


3D / 2D Design
Your request transforms into the ideal form
Royal Sangyo Co., Ltd. has the technological capability to develop all sorts of speakers from small type for smart phone use to large type for theater use.
Skilled engineers design all speakers that fulfill their customers’ requests.
Thickness is Only 0.01mm
Metal Diaphragms that Pursue Every Possibility
They have a unique technology to manufacturer 0.01mm thick metal diaphragm. With the combination of thinness, quality and strength, their metal diaphragms are used in all over the world as they are longed by many overseas speaker manufacturers. The specific processing technique of metal can be used not only for audio equipment but for different products like pressure sensor. They are welcome to take inquiries from other industry sectors.

This is the Artisan Skill
Technological Capability to Manufacture Beautiful Mold
0.01mm thick metal diaphragms are manufactured by our skilled operativesí hands at our Headquarters Factory in Saitama Prefecture. This is a product that no machine can manufacture and no other manufacturers can copy. Why donít you try their metal diaphragm?

Beautiful Sound
Repeating Trial and Error
At the Development Center in Yamanashi, various measuring instruments such as trial listening boxes, oscillators, polar checkers, and gauss meters as well as test facilities such as noise generator and thermostatic chamber. Every process regarding speakers from drawing, trial and measurement to production is handled with the best technology and facility.

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