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DEN Sound

DEN SoundDEN Sound

DEN Sound,Tokyo
WP-10T Two-Way Speaker System
Sound Image Space with Rich Timbre

Wooden Diaphragm made of Mahogany MDF (medium density fiberboard) Enclosure multilayered in oval shape for less noise sound reproduction and decrease in standing wave. Japanese driver units with aluminum die-casted body in good match with the finely piled up MDF enclosure Banana binding posts for cable connection Matches well with download a music player, too, in quite refined sound.

Sound Pressure Level:  86.5dB
Impedance: 6 ohm
Permissible Power Input:  15W (tweeter) 30W (10cm full range driver)
Frequency Response: 60 ~ 40,000Hz
Size:  234 x 410 x 180mm
Weight:  4kg
Base Material:  Synthetic Marble