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Furuyama Audio Lab, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

All through my past life speaker system hardly made progress in technology. I was never satisfied with every point in terms of sound quality, sound stage, sound presence and others of conventional cone, horn, and condenser type speakers which are still produced by many suppliers. Namely, it is the matter of how precisely the phase is established.

20 years ago, many manufacturers began designing and producing flat speakers with an aim to reproduce 3 dimensional sound stage without having phase shift which was considered to be a future speaker configuration. However, they had no success after all.

A few years prior to above mentioned movement of the industry, I came across with HEIL Air Motion driver invented by German Dr. Oscar Heil and produced by U.S. manufacturer ESS. Its structure and mechanical theory attracted me most, and hence I began going deeper in research and developing of my own speaker systems.

The HEIL driver drives the air by means of air (Air Motion) at 5 times faster velocity than an ordinary tweeter driver, therefore the sound has no sniff of the diaphragm material but absolutely reproduces real sound with transparency. I made efforts in development of well balanced mid and low frequency range drivers to make the HEIL driver perform to 100% capacity. This was the birth of FAL FLAT speakers, which I should say are the ideal wide and full range drivers.

Points taken in designing FLAT speakers were as follows.

1. Diaphragm be extraordinarily light in mass, also to be very sturdy and guarantee long life.
Air to be spread equally inside the diaphragm, i.e. its structure must be such that could cancel its own material sound.
Sound be obedient and smooth like HEIL driver, i.e. no characteristic mode, so that any category of music could be reproduced.

2. The voice coil be formed in rectangular shape. (It was thought no big difference between square, rectangular, or circular in shape.) Magnetic circuit of the FLAT rectangular voice coil exists only in vertical sides but not in shorter horizontal sides, so that inductance becomes difficult to appear unlike circular voice coil.
(This means its impedance characteristic becomes almost flat like HEIL driver to avoid reduction of energy in every frequency band, and this design concept achieved reproduction of the lowest frequency range.)

3. Double edges be adopted, one each at front and rear side of the diaphragm, in order to minimize its warp.

4. In order that such diaphragm is precisely driven without distortion, the voice coil has to be made shorter having impedance of 4 or 6 ohms, and additionally enforced with Neodymium magnet which is considered to be the most power magnet invented 8 years prior to this period at my laboratory. This made the voice coil structure perfect.

The FLAT driver which satisfied all these criteria reproduces very finely a big orchestra sound with reality, sound image of each instrument, and air motion feeling, namely no piercing to ears but lively. Very close to live performance.

It is required to prepare a wide range amplifier having less distortion but with an excessive current flow so that the FLAT speaker can give full play. Valve amplifier is most recommended.

Recently, we have also developed a transistor amplifier as FAL original model, which is closest in sound quality to valve type. Demonstrations of this amplifier gained many potential customers, and we began sales subject to production to order. Photos and specification available on requested.

Uniquely laid out positioning of drivers in the FAL Vertical Twin Drive system was first in the world introduced in 1982 at All Japan Audio Fair.

With FLAT system, there is no LC network but direct connection with an amplifier is required. Deletion of the network eliminated the affection to the sound quality and phase. Only the HEIL driver requires one capacitor and one attenuator. By use of one 2F capacitor, at 6 ohm impedance, the HEIL shows 6db drop in the curve from 12,000Hz point, so you can slightly hear a melody.

The FLAT driver features natural attenuation, namely there is no crossover point.

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