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CES2004 Report

Model: Supreme-S:

Last year we had a great opportunity to introduce our flat diaphragm driver built in a vertical twin type enclosure for the first time outside of Japan at CES, Las Vegas. Lots of people there have found the system richly bring about a superb reproduction quality and a real three dimensional sound stage, which had been difficult with the conventional cone type drivers.

In January this year again at CES, Las Vegas we've demonstrated our unique proprietary wide full range driver (featuring the flat diaphragm) together with our new original HEIL air motion transformer driver.

The demonstrations have impressed all the people with a sense of excitement in the room. The clean uncolored reproduction (accordingly the driver has no preference on the music genres you listen to) and the superb transient fidelity which allows you to distinguish the individual instruments in an orchestra have unfolded a fully realistic sound stage. The Supreme-S with its excellent cost-performance ratio has thus won a reputation as the best of the today's high end audio speaker systems.

Model: "Ai", The baffle system

A overwhelming sensation that you stand there in front of an orchestra or a Jazz band! This is the first open baffle system ever developed in the world. "Ai" delivers a beautiful balance of sound, dynamism and subtlety with high resolution in rich bass reproduction. We were stormed with lots of incredibly favorable feedback on all the speaker systems and inquiries from countries with musical histories like Italy, Austria, Hungary and Greece, Germany, Canada, USA, Australia, Asian countries to follow.

Our untiring challenge for better music reproduction...

DAC Unit just announced!

Another sensational product was the original vacuum tube based DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) unit. FAL has finally been successful to make into shape the dream many manufacturers the world over had in vain. The unit naturally gained the big and serious attention. Although the unit was only a prototype, it has totally fascinated many professional people including a group from New York and Moscow. Shouldering the pressures for the immediate production I was on board American Air Lines for Tokyo. Those who have not experienced the sound are all welcome at our FAL's Akihabara office.

We will be working hard this year to provide a series of the original FAL products that allow us to finish an ideal complete FAL system by finalizing the production of this prototype unit and a CD player that features this DAC part.

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