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Power Amplifier

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27W VT-4C (211) SE Stereo with LINE inputs, partial KSL Technology

Ongaku (named in 1989 at the suggestion of M. Shibazaki, SIBATECH for Mr. Kondo's 211 amplifier first made in 1988) is the unwithering model of Audio Note Japan. The current production is now using partial KSL technology (internal wiring). This improved the overall frequencies response over the older productions.

Valves 2 x 211S (VT-4C), 2 x 6072, 2 x 5687 & 4 x GZ34
Power Output 27W per channel
Inputs 3 line inputs (RCA unbalanced)
Input Impedance 100K ohm
Output 8 ohm
Silver Output Transformers, Silver Capacitors & KSL Resistors

50W VT-4C (211) PSE Mono Block, partial KSL Technology

Natural and Super Linear Sound that is really Realistic. Super Low Distortion over the entire range.

Output Power 50W / 8 ohm
Frequency Response 12~20,000Hz @1W

20W 300B PSE Stereo

Audio markets are flooded with mere 300B amplifiers with known brand labels. KSL-KEGON delivers completely different sounds from them. Refined and proper music reproduction with tremendously high resolution. All silver from input to output. Comes with 3 line inputs, selector and volume control to work as a full function line amplifier.

Output Power 20W + 20W
Input 3 line inputs RCA (unbalanced)
Output Impedance 8 ohm

30W 300B Mono Block, KSL parallel single ended

30W 300B Mono Block, KSL push-pull

Ultimate quality of highly musical sound using 300B, hand made with in-house KSL-silver wired OPT, in-house silver foil capacitor, in-house KSL-resistors, silver binding posts, non-distortion power supply and handmade silver wire wiring like with other KSL- power amplifiers.

Output Power 30W
Input RCA (unbalanced)
Output Impedance 8 ohm
Weight 28kg

8W 2A3 PSE Stereo

8W 2A3 PSE Stereo with Line integrated

Neiro draws the best atmosphere of 2A3 valve. OFC output transformer coil made with KSL technology, silver wiring of KSL technology for the ciruit.

Output Power 8W / 8 ohms
Input NEIRO:1 RCA (unbalanced), NEIRO/LINE: 3 RCA (unbalanced)/100K ohms
Frequency Response 15Hz~30,000Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.7% / 1W
Size NEIRO:280W x 420D x 220H mm, NEIRO/LINE:300W x 500D x 220H mm
Weight NEIRO:22Kg, NEIRO/LINE:25kg

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