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D/A Converter

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24-bit D/A Converter

digital input coax (RCA) 16bit ~ 24bit, 32~96KHz
audio output RCA (unbalanced 1.8Vrms)
Size 285W x 160H x 430D
Weight 16Kg
D/A Converter
Digital to analog conversion independent on accuracy of transport mechanism became possible using a sampling rate converter and a low jittering crystal master clock generator. Sampling rate converter converts every input digital signal to 24 bit/fs=96KHz signal. The master clock performs high speed and high precision computation and makes low jittering and low distortion digital signals. KSL-DAC employs valves in the output stage to cut off super high frequency from the digital circuit by the primary passive low pass filters. Then unnecessary noises are cut off by the secondary active low pass filters in valve circuitry. In-house silver foil capacitors and pure silver wires for inner wiring represent this model as one of the KSL technology products. Doubly used power transformers and rectifying valve also used for the power supply section of the digital circuit upgraded this D/A converter.

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