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From a phono cartridge to electronics and speakers...
Handmade HIGH-END Audio Components

designed by Hiroyasu Kondo, and handcrafted by Audio Note Co., Ltd., (Audio Note Japan) Tokyo

KONDO products come with Audio Note Japan's Certificate of Provenance.
Inquiries for the products shall be directed to ANJ International Ltd. who assumes worldwide distribution since 2003.

KONDO products identified with KSL prefix are designed with KSL Technology as introduced below:
28 years have passed since I began development of real good sound audio components. I at last reached the stage where I could present the result of my research after having traced way back to the Genesis of the Universe to investigate what the true sound was, and was convinced that this new technology based sound would be accepted by all. I have named it KSL. For example, a preamplifier is designed to draw music information infinitely from analog discs using our own new resistors, capacitors and wiring materials, and reproduces ample sounds of a concert hall all over, so that it gives reverberation two times as much as from a conventional product. Such technologies in sound reproduction designing are generically named KSL Technology. –H. Kondo (Feb., 2004)

KONDO Distributors: Audio Note Japan(English)