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Aug., 1990 Hifi-Choice

Mar., 1991

Mar., 1993


My philosophy in audio components:
I have been placing criteria in R&D of audio system on how precisely it could reproduce the heritages of conductors such as Arturo Toscanini the Great Maestro and Wilhelm Furtwaengler. As audio systems were improved, the depth of the maestros' music could be better appreciated. Especially Toscanini's fine textures in music performance are embodied as highly intelligent expression. Of course the rich expressions of other maestros too. Conventional systems in the world seem to orientate too much toward expressing surface sensitivity, placing less importance on the humanity being deeply reflected in the musician's performance. I devote my life to the improvement of the reproduction of the Great Maestro's music.

My thoughts on 211 Valve:
211 is the most superior in linear among power valves, remarkably superior. If the first and the most important thing to do before designing an amplifier is the selection of excellent materials to be used, the 211 valve is undoubtedly qualified. However, it has a weak point where its sound is reviewed "solid or tight compared to its brother 845 valve. I however discovered various measures to resolve this problem. For example, matching between the power valve, output transformer and rectifier valve in the power supply vs circuitry; achieving remarkably low distortion despite the use of simple circuitry and further improvments in parts in use etc.

- Hiroyasu Kondo, Audio Note Co., Ltd.

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