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400EX Monitor Speaker System
born in Japan with a sophisticated design for near-field monitoring
400EX, is a new active speaker system with very unique technology produced by Koane-sha staff members with years of experiences in professional recording. 400EX features cocoon-like enclosure which enables transmission of sound waves iwithout any stress so that your sound control room turns into a sound stage.

Ko-On-sha introduces its own 4D system*, which makes 400EX free from distortion. 4D system needs an enclosure of monocoque structure, which is made of special aluminum alloy that eliminates resonance and standing wave and plays a role as magnetic shield. Its heavy shell supports each driver to perform at its full potential.

4D system makes 400EX reproduce every nuance in recording and gives a broad listening field. Its 3-way drivers are tuned accurately to perform the note in the middle of music staff to be flat in response over entire range thanks to the drivers’ convex diaphragms and parabolic cavity behind the drivers .

*4D stands for Direct Diffusion Dome Device System (TM) and also means four dimensions which consist of space and time.


Type: Passive monitor with 4D system of 3-way drivers
Crossover Freq: 600Hz & 6kHz
Drive Units: Woofer of 6.5”, Squawker of 2”, Tweeter of 3/4”
Sensitivity: 86dB
Impedance: 6 Ohms
Handling Power: 200 Watts
Freq response: 35Hz-25kHz
Dimensions: H 420mm, W 300mm, D 400mm
Weight: 17.0kg/pc.

Product designed and made in Japan
Manufactured by: KO-ON-Sha LLC

Exported by: SIBATECH, Inc. - Tokyo, Japan