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Hello, Music Lovers from Kenjiro Matsumoto, President

Not so if you ask one of the world's oldest and most innovative brands in this area with the world's finest recorded sound quality, even superior to that of world-famous brands.
Interested? It is the product of Mactone, a leading company in this area with the longest history of specializing in the production of high-quality electronic tubes in Japan.
Mactone is one of the very few manufacturers which has been specializing in the production of OTL electronic tube amplifiers as well as pre-amplifiers and power-amplifiers since as far back as 1964.
Mactone's product is best for someone who demands the best of sound quality, and with most demanding ears, such as professional musicians and committed music lovers.

Why no transistor amplifiers from Mactone?
Mactone believes that in today's world there is only one amplification element to ideally produce excellent sounds and tone. That is a valve, or vacuum tube. Electrons travel at speed of 200Km/sec. to 300Km/sec. where they saturate in a semiconductor. But in a vacuum, it speeds up to about 3,000Km/sec even at lower voltage. Its upper limit is the speed of light.

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