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How to Use the SaSuPa Stylus Cleaner
(Phono Stylus Tip Dust Remover)
A super soft Brush and a Dust Catcher combination

  1. Caution: Peel off the clear protection sheet from black colored sticky cleaning pad before use.
  2. To use the brush, softly place the white bristle part of stylus brush under the stylus,using minimum pressure against the stylus.
  3. While holding the cleaner handle, very carefully slide the handle forward, in the same direction of record rotation.
  4. To use the dust catcher made of sticky gel mat, stop the platter rotation, and place the SaSuPa on the the platter.
  5. Gently lower the stylus onto the black gel mat.
  6. Place the stylus part on the dust catcher mat, and very lightly touch the headshell so that dust can be caught and left on the mat. This step finishes the cleaning.
  7. Do not pull or push the tonearm left or right, or move the platter, while the stylus is resting on the dust catcher gel mat.
  8. Gently raise the tonearm straight up, not pulling to either side.
  9. Rinse clean the brush with ethyl alcohol, then with distilled water

Do not move the arm left or right, or move the platter, while the stylus is sitting on the black rubber dust catcher.