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TAKE-T Super Tweeter Series Model BATMASTER

- Black mat finish thick wooden case and brass horn with brass spike feet for rigidity.
- Inner transformer steps up voltage supplied to both speaker terminals.
- Cuts below audible 15kHz to the utmost limit to eliminate zone crossing over the main speaker.
- BAT series’ clearness and natural sound spread, BATMASTER creates dynamic sound with stable axis.
- Resulting in reproduction of brightness and lightness of natural sounds.

Max. Rating: 100V (20V for over 20kHz test signal) Protection circuit is activated
against maximum input. Automatically restores in a few minutes
after powered off.
Impedance: ∞~140ohm~28ohm (DC ~ 20kHz ~ 100kHz)
Frequency Response: 18kHz ~ 150kHz or more (Heil structure and 0.1μF
capacitor drastically cut below 18kHz.)
Max. SPL: 100dB/W/m selectable in 5 steps (70/85/90/95/100dB)
Mass: approx. 720g.
Size: 110mmW x 70mmH x 100mmD (not including binding post length 23mm)
Drive System: Bimorph high molecule piezo Heil structure

Note: BATMASTER housing is perfectly insulated, but input terminals are supplied with regular voltage
supplied from amplifier. It is required to power off the amplifier before you may need to touch them.

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