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TAKE-T Super Tweeter Series Model BATPRO

- Rotary switch on the rear enables selection of 5 different sensitivities as required.
- Slide switch on the bottom cover changes attenuation level in 2 stages for the frequency below 18kHz;
position A -30dB/oct. for focused acoustic field with better orientation and position B -20dB/oct. for wider acoustic field.
- Sturdy binding posts
- Heavy duty casing for steady vibration control
- Dark silver finish

Max. Rating: 35V
Impedance: 8ohm
Frequency Response: 18kHz ~ 150kHz or higher (A research institute proved over 150kHz.)
Max. Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 100dB/W/m selectable in 5 steps (50/70/80/90/100dB)
Low Frequency Range Attenuation: 2 stages selectable
Mass: approx. 300g.
Drive System: high molecule piezo Heil type
Size: 125mmW x 90mmH x 100mmD (including binding post)

Just connect BATPRO terminal posts and your speaker system terminals with appropriate cables. Or you can connect it to speaker output terminal of your amplifier. For bi-wiring use,connect BATPRO to tweeter terminals of your system.

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