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TAKE-T Super Tweeter Series Model BATPURE

Just affix BATPURE to the baffle board front of your speaker system, and cable the terminals.
Note it makes sonic rise clearer and sound deepter yet more harmonical.

1. Speaker System: Affix BATPURE above tweeter unit in your speaker system, and connect in parallel between speaker terminals and BATPURE terminals. You will definitely note sound rise and outline be clearer.
2. TV sound
3. Headphone
4. Car Audio
5. 5.1ch Sound

Frequency Response: 20kHz ~ 150kHz
Sensitivity: approx. 70dB/1m
Max. Withstand Voltage: 150V
Mass: approx. 1g
Impedance: ∞ ~ 4k ohm or higher (DC ~ 100kHz)

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