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Sound Creation Board

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When a rack is placed on a carpet or tatami mats, the sound loses its instantaneous force, much like the way we lost traction on loose or soft ground. On a wooden floor, however, the transmitted sound makes the floor resonate, robbing the music of its pleasant vibrations. These boards are a result of TAOC's vibration research. TAOC Sound Creation Boards will raise your listening environment to the a high dimension.

1. Unique construction that improves sound quality:
With a compact cast-iron core sandwiched between layers of high density particleboard, the Sound Creation Board is a heaveyweight board that compensates for soft floors and provides excellent rigidity, high specific gravity and superb damping performance.

2. Perform well in a wide range of applications:
When used in a traditional Japanese style room, the Sound Creation Board will improve the sharpness and volume the lows and enhance the clarity of sound in the mid to high ranges. This product dramatically enhances sound location and presence. The benefits are the same in w Western-style room with carpet. In rooms with wooden floors, it reinforces the floor and controls the floor's resonance to significantly reduce muddiness.

3. Size variations allow a wide range of setups:
An assortment of size variations is available to support different sizes of equipment and a wide range of listening positions. Choose the right product for your setup.

SCB-CS Series
SCB-2 Series

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