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Super Insulator

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Insulators that maximize your audio equipment's performance
TAOC offers 2 types of insulators, one made of high-carbon-centent cast-iron and the other of graded cast-iron. The vibration-controlling performance and stability that these insulators provide are widely recognized among audio manufacturers. TAOC insulators are therefore installed in the feet of many high-end CD players, DVD players and amplifiers. Use these insulators to upgrade your audio equipment or to tune your sound to suite your taste. These products will make the sound of your system stand out.

Grade cast-iron insulators bring out the details and sparkle of the sound
Pin and plate insulators: Cast-iron's superb damping characteristics and the pin-point supports vibration-shielding effects have been perfectly matched. In particular, these products clear up fogginess in the mid to low ranges to create a sound with an excellent sense of depth.

Pin and Plate Insulator
TITE-35S (set of 4 pairs)
Spike:High carbon cast iron,
Spike Plate:Advanced high carbon cast iron

Size: 50mm dia. x 29mm H Weight: 355g/pair
Spike Plate
PTS-A (set of 4)
Advanced high carbon cast iron

Size: 50mm dia. x 12mmH Weight: 155g/pc.

Pin and Plate Insulator
TITE-46PIN (set of 3)

Size: 60mm dia. x 45mmH
Plate: 35mm dia x 5mm H
Weight: 900g/pc.
Gradation cast iron
Matte black finish

TITE-25PIN (set of 3)

Size: 50mm dia. x 25mmH
Plate: 35mm dia. x 5mm H
Weight: 250g/pc.
Graded cast-iron
Matte black finish

Spike plates
Spike plates: Lay these under spikes to prevent damage to your floor
Being made of graded cast-iron, these plates are effective in reducing and controlling vibrations.
PTS-F (set of 4)
PTS-4 (set of 4)

16mm H x 40mm dia.
Weight: 130g/pc.
Matte black finish
5mm H x 35mm dia.
Weight: 35g/pc.
Stainless steel

The ideal insulator for small speakers
Brings a sparkle to the sound. Use them to set up small speakers as well as AV equipment on top of shelves where unwanted resonance is a potential problem.
TITE-25SP (set of 8)

Size: 20mmH x 50mm dia.
Weight: 250g/pc.
Matte black finish

High-carbon-content cast-iron insulators for a clear and powerful sound
The combination of high-carbon-content cast-iron and special rubber uplifts your suond to a higher level.
Stackable TITE-R Series: These high grade insulators can be stacked to your preferred height to suit your setup. Replace the standard insulators for y our equipment with TITE to improve the sharpness, clarity and power of your sound.

TITE-25A (set of 4)

Size: 22mm H x 50mm dia.
Weight: 250g/pc.
Material: Insulator- high carbon cast iron,
Foot rubber- sulfideless high carbon rubber
Matte black finish

TITE-26R (set of 4)

Size: 25mmH x 60mm dia.
Weight: 350g/pc.
Hammernet black finish

TITE-27R (set of 4)

Size: 25mmH x 70mm dia.
Weight: 500g/pc.
Hammernet black finish

TITE-47R (set of 4)

Size: 40mmH x 70mm dia.
Weight: 950g/pc.
Hammernet black finish

Vibration controlling audio stab ilizer
SBL-13MT (set of 4)

Size: 12mmH x 30mm dia.
Weight: 60g/pc.
Material: High cargon cast iron

Usable for various applications to improve the sound. Based on TAOC philosophy of controlling vibrations as opposed to simply reducing them, SBL-13MT can be used in ways that you may not have thought of in the past. Use this in a wide range of applications to enhance sound quality by improve S/N ratio and resolution.

The size was determined through numerous tials and is neither too small nor too large (12mmHx30mm diameter). In addition to using them as feet of AV equipment, they can be used as mass dampers and stabilizers for AV equipment enclosures. Made of TAOC's high-carbon-content cast-iron, which is recognized for its capacity to absorb external energy. Finished with a special non-slip process to improve installation stability.

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