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Magnesium Shield Cable

Magnesium Shield Cable Audio Rack Distributors

Magnesium Shield Cable
Magnesium is prominent in vibrational absorption and electromagnetic shielding.
TiGLON developed its original magnesium foi having most distinguished audio characteristics to work as an ideal shielding layer which removes external noise influence to the utmost limit.

(RCA)MS-12R[1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m] Standard type
Ultra-fine soft annealed copper wires stranded in two conductor leads. Has chuck type rhodium plated RCA phono plugs on both ends for unbalanced transmis-

(RCA)MGL-1000R[1.0m] Next Generation type
(XLR)MGL-1000X[1.0m] High Speed Interconnect
Ultra-fine soft annealed copper wires made in Europe stranded in two conductor leads. Shuts off external electromagnetic interference,vibrations and noises to the utmost limit for higher dimensions of transparency and low signal-to-noise level, and better damping, dynamic range as well as reproduction of original instantaneous force of sound.

High Grade Power Cable MGL-1000A
Available in 1.2m/1.8m/every 0.6m addition versions
3 core triply shielded wire structured with stranded 400 ultra-fine soft annealed copper wires. 3 layer shielding ( copper→magnesium→copper) nlimitedly shuts off external electromagnetic interference and vibrational noise.
Patented “Magnetic Shield” technology is fully utilized in this high grade power cable. Terminated with Oyaide P-029 and C-029 plugs. Enjoy its natural sound stage reproduced.

Standard Power Cable MS-12A
Available in 1.2m/1.8m/every 0.6m addition versions
3 core double shielded cable with Magnesium Shield” technology employed like MGL-1000A.
Stranded with ultra-fine soft annealed copper wires same as MGL-1000A. Terminated with Schurter IEC plug, and Meiko plug used for medical purpose. Features quite low signalto- noise level, and high resolution.

Speaker Cable (to be sold cut)
Ultra-fine soft annealed copper wires stranded in 2 core magnesium shielded cable. For easy handling, it is softly finished despite of its maximum diameter 8.5mm.

Custom Order- Speaker Cable
TCS-2.5S 2.5m single
TCS-2.5W 2.5m bi-wire

Extra length available by additional 0.6m each
Conductors structured with 800 0.08mm ultra-fine soft annealed copper wires, 400 each stranded then twisted, and patented Magnetic-Shielded.
Its most prominent feature is that hot (+) and egative (-) conductors are respectively wound with Mg shield in spiral form so that signal-tonoise level can be sensed low also resolutions is enhanced. You can
order either rhodium plated spade lug or banana plug termination, also specify your required length over 2.5m by each additional 0.6m.

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