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Audio Rack

Magnesium Shield Cable Audio Rack Distributors

Magnesium Pole Audio Rack “MAGNESIA”
World first dual cylindrical magnesium poles employed in an audio rack. Extraordinary intensity and absorption of vibrations have been attained. It also deletes unnecessary vibrations and resonance for ideal sound stage by means of micro-fine sands filled inside the dual cylinders. Shelves are Russian birch wood carefully selected to ensure high airtightness and water resistance. Hybrid structure of metal and natural wood shakes up your audio system. Enjoy natural sound with magnesium rack MAGNESIA.

Comes in kit form, which you can assemble in quite a short time.

Four each shelf side is cut out for easy clearance
of cables, so you can set the rack to the wall with no margin.


2 shelves with 330mm poles, size 447H x 600W x 500D mm, weight 8kg

3 shelves with 200+330mm poles, size 639H x 600W x 500D mm, weight 12kg

4 shelves with 200+280+330mm poles, size 911H x 600W x 500D mm, weight 16kg

5 shelves with 150+200+280+330mm, size 1053H x 600W x 500D mm, weight 20kg

Magnesium Pole (cross section) diameter: 32mm
Load capacity per shelf: 100kg
Pole color: black
Shelf color: wine red
Option: Pole length can be specied out of 150mm,200mm, 280mm, or 330m


Magnesium Pole
TMR-M15 150mm set of 4
TMR-M20 200mm set of 4
TMR-M28 280mm set of 4
TMR-M33 330mm set of 4

Magnesium Feet
TMR-B7 set of 4

Top-end pin
TMR-TP set of 4

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